Individual Psychotherapy


If you are having problems with living, with stress, work, insecurity, loneliness, grief, relationship problems, low sense of worth, confidence loss, identity crisis, emotions that are either out of control or suppressed, inappropriate anger, perfectionistic thinking, persistent low mood, difficulty in concentrating, harsh self judgment, or unhelpful thought patterns, you may benefit from long term or short term therapy. My clients receive bespoke therapy according to what I understand their needs to be. This sometimes includes practical skills, including mindfulness, but without the "Omm"!

Couples Therapy


Couples come to therapy if there is a communication breakdown, if they don't see eye to eye any more, if they've forgotten how to listen to one another - or never could - or if they've fallen out of love, or have become divided by grief or by differing parenting styles, or there are difficult emotions being experienced by one or both. You may wish to stay together, or you may want to part in peace. You may not know. Short term or long term therapy with an experienced couple therapist can help clarify difference and guide couples toward resolution of recent or long standing disagreements. As a dialectician, I can help you hold two apparently opposing points of view at once, whilst looking for synthesis. 

Skills Coaching


Whether it be performance anxiety, low self-esteem, loss of confidence, poor work performance, or any of the difficulties listed in the Individual Therapy bit, then I can introduce skills to you, and help build a repertoire of effective tools so that you can continue - or return to - work, and help you find fulfilment and meaning in your craft, whilst optimising your work performance. These skills will be individualised for you so that they may be used at home, at work, on the go, and - for musicians and performers - in your rehearsal or recording studio, back stage, on stage, off set, or on set, with flexible hours to suit your schedule.



Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) was developed by Professor Marsha Linehan from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). DBT is for people whose personality displays extreme and under-controlled (out of control) emotions that can often be precursors to harmful or destructive behaviour to themselves or others. As a fully qualified DBT practitioner I teach skills to clients to help them better manage and regulate emotions so that they are not so extreme, and therefore not so destructive of relationships. I do this in individual therapy and out-of-hours telephone skills coaching. Skills groups are available via associate therapists, if the full programme is required.

Radically Open DBT


Radically Open DBT was borne from standard DBT by Professor Tom Lynch for people with treatment resistant depression, and symptoms of emotional over-control, which include Eating Disorders. It comprises individual sessions and skills classes. If you are governed by rules, rehearsal, regulation and planning, if you are uncomplaining yet unhappy, lonely, distrustful, perfectionistic, workaholic, emotionally restrained in the extreme, then this is the programme for you.  I co-facilitate classes in Covent Garden with Clinical Psychologist Dr Alex Fowke. We are the only providers of full-package RO DBT in the country, and have both been trained by the developer of this treatment.



I run psycho-educational workshops in central London such as Practical Mindfulness, Overcoming Performance Anxiety, Understanding Trauma, Acceptance and Forgiveness, Kindness Versus Compassion, How To Optimise Your Work Performance, and Anger Management. You can attend these workshops whether you are a regular client in individual therapy, a past client needing skills top-up, or someone who does not have ongoing therapy, but wishes to learn some skills. Some of my Practical Mindfulness workshops are for fifteen to sixteen-year-olds who have concentration problems. I also run practical workshops for parents or loved ones of people with mental health issues.