individual and couple psychotherapy




"I feel like this year has been properly transformative for me, to the point where I can honestly say that I am happier and healthier than I ever have been. I want to thank you for helping me along this path. The wise advice you gave me continues to sink in as I grow stronger."


A consummate professional in every aspect of her work, Helen has the rare ability to recognise and nurture creative flair and bring it into fruition, which always produces some kind of magic."


Helen’s approach demystifies the therapy experience.  She consistently empowers me to develop tools and integrate best practices into my daily life that benefit me in both personal and professional situations.


I found Helen to be a great source of support and inspiration.  Her wonderful ability to listen and provide key insight to my situation was thoroughly reassuring and productive in helping me to find deeper understanding, which gave me sound confidence to move in a new direction. I am extremely grateful for her superb integrity and brilliant warm-hearted approach.  I highly recommend her.


"I will be graduating with a First Class Honours Degree. It wouldn't have happened without you, so a big thank you!"

Orchestral Musician

"I came to Helen for help to make sense of why I could feel insecure and uncertain, and how to respond to these emotions effectively. Helen's relaxed and respectful manner allowed me to speak freely without fear of judgment. 

"Helen gave me exercises for my day-to-day life at work. as well as helping me unpick past experiences, which helped explain my position. In the short term these sessions have already helped and I look forward to watching my well-being improve in the long run."