individual and couple psychotherapy



Psychotherapist, Skills Coach, DBT & RO DBT Practitioner, Dialectician, Musician

About Me


My Experience And Expertise

Welcome! I'm Helen Brice. I am Founder and Director of Stimmung Therapy Services Limited, and a highly experienced psychotherapist for individuals and couples, and am passionate about the efficacy of my work. My experience comes from working in five different therapy settings: a London-based conservatoire for music and dance, the NHS, the prison service and young offender institution, private hospital, and private practice. 

My expertise is in performance and generalised anxiety, work-related stress, depression, relationship problems, loneliness, trauma (PTSD), loss, identity issues. I also work in the field of diagnosis, especially chemical imbalance (Bipolar Disorder), and people who experience emotional instability as manifest in borderline and antisocial personality styles (BPD/EUPD), and with clients who are emotionally over-controlled,  who have personalities that are avoidant, 'workaholic', obsessive compulsive, paranoid and also chronically depressed or have anorexia nervosa.

I work with couples and individuals aged 15 years old and upwards, who are based in the UK and overseas.

I run the Stimmung Therapy Programme for BAPAM referred musicians with associate existential psychotherapist and musician Miranda Jackson.


Why Me ?

I have a calm and active presence, am attentive, challenging when needed, and practical where desired. I work intuitively, and change the way I work with every client. As a musician, former music producer and artist manager I have unique attunement with my creative clients, and an understanding of the workings of the music and theatre industry. I work flexibly around performance, writing or tour commitments. Sessions may take place in person, or via online video.

I am always willing to liaise with other professionals in your care, if that is your requirement. Some people find the use of diagnoses helpful, whereas others find it particularly unhelpful: I'll work with clients whatever diagnosis means to them. 


I have a passion for the Arts, and an affinity with those in the creative field including musicians, writers, artists, designers, composers, theatre practitioners, DJs, actors and dancers.


My Approach

Metaphorically speaking, I sit side-by-side with you, exploring your world view, working from your own experience and understanding of how you make sense of life in the here and now. This is Existential Psychotherapy.

Incorporating Existential-Phenomenology as well as skills-based therapy can help facilitate change, which can be useful when habitual responses are no longer effective. I am intensively trained in standard Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Radically Open DBT (RO DBT).  

I work with associate DBT practitioners who run skills groups in London, and I co-facilitate the only private RO DBT programme in England with my colleague Dr Alex Fowke. I offer out-of-hours skills coaching on a case-by-case basis.

For those who prefer to stay out of the therapy room, I create bespoke, in-house,  intensive 

Mental Fitness Programmes.